Coaching / Consulting

Success is predictable! Ever since the foundation of our small company in 2011, we have been working according to this credo with all of our customers, regardless of their priorities. Whether you just want to feel fit and vital in your own body or the Ironman Hawaii is your dream – your goals are our goals and together we’ll find a way to let them become reality!


In the center of our coaching always stands the human being as an individuum, their personal wishes and, of course, their dreams. We specialize in picking up our customers exactly where they need it, notwithstanding their current form or where the journey is about to go.


By making use oft he newest findings of science in sports, biology and medicine we are working in very close contact to our customers. The so  developed personal relationship builds the best basis for individual success! Be ready to surprise yourself!

Tricademy - School of Movement

Schweiz - Winterthur - Aadorf - Islikon - Kirchdorf BE