Performance diagnostics

For quite some time, the field of performance diagnostics has been open to other clients than professional athletes. There are many different methods available which target the same goal: To determine what happens inside a body when performing physical effort, to learn how these functions can be used in training and finally, how this is ultimately used to pace and target race performances.


Besides laboratorial diagnostics, there have been various trials to produce the according data in the field. The reason for this is simple: even with the most accurate methods of measurement, there will be some differences between what is happening on a treadmill or an ergometer and the physical reactions when actually running outside or riding a bike on the road in exactly the terrain where in the end also the races take place.

This is why we decided to enrich our offers with performance diagnostics using the method of INSCYD. This method can be performed at any time and basically anywhere: in your own home, using your own equipment, following your home tracks. (For laboratorial diagnostics we still suggest our estimate partner “Training & Diagnostics”).


As major metrics, this method uses measurements of power (with cycling or rowing), pace (running or swimming) and lactate. While the demand for classic lactate step tests is further declining, INSCYD offers some absolutely new ways: instead of static measurements after aforefixed periods of time and intensity, it creates a full profile of performance for which a variety of efforts is needed. This is backed up by the newest findings of science which, in many ways, can be called groundbreaking.


Especially for tests in more than one discipline following another this offers the possibility to fully recover within the actual test. This enables a very objective and deep analysis of the performance and the physical capacities.


How does an INSCYD-diagnostic work?


You will decide for yourself whether you want to do a single- or a double-testing and whether they shall be done on “our” tracks or directly at your home. After that, we will fix a date and then get going.


Combined with four different efforts per test we will take between 16 and 25 measurements of lactate which will help determine the following metrics:

Within the analysis of the data we explain every single point of the diagnostics as well as the importance of the various metrics to help you understand how you can include them in your personal training.


You will get your personal profile of performance with detailed information about your current form, how you can improve and what this means for your training and everyday life.


INSCYD is made for more than one discipline (in fact, INSCYD is offering the very first possibility to do objective testings at the pool for swimmers). Just send us a message if you’re interested to learn more, we’re glad to help.


The tests can vary in duration, depending on the location as well as on the client. That’s why there is a basic price on which afterwards the hours needed are added. Additionally, there can occur some driving expenses, depending on the location.

As a reference, please see the following table:

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